Brazilian rosewood to die for. . .
1999 Traugott Baritone Guitar

© Frank Ford, 1999; Photos by FF

Jeff Traugott is on an impossible quest. He's out to make the "perfect guitar." The trouble is that, being its creator, he always knows just where to look to find that tiny flaw. Quite a struggle.

But, there is a winner. The owner of a Traugott guitar has a really fine instrument - one that's very nearly perfect. This one is no exception. It's a "baritone" guitar, with 27" scale, tuned one whole step low. The neck joins the body at the 15th fret, giving the entire instrument a lanky, well balanced look.

Most of Jeff's guitars feature an understated elegance where the wood is the celebrity. Maybe the most exciting piece of Brazilian rosewood I've seen in a new instrument, this one has all the flash, fire, color and figure one could want. A fitting material for the back and sides of the penultimate Traugott guitar this millennium.

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