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1919 Gibson F-2

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

I took some extra photos of this one because I find it utterly irresistible Of all the crazy things, it seems to have been a special order F-2 in the same white finish as the classic refrigerator white A-3. The original owner penciled in the date (4/10/19) above the label. That date is consistent with the serial number of 57134. I'm presuming it was originally a white face mandolin because the soundhole rings and the extra black line inboard from the binding are typical of the white A-3, and never associated with the F-2.

Now, there's no question that this instrument also took a trip back to the factory for some serious repair around 1930. It looks like it got a new neck (with peghead binding) and tuners, some finish work, and a new bridge. The fingerrest was probably modified at that time to accommodate the adjustable bridge, and it was fitted with a new hardshell case. I'd say it is extremely unlikely that the finish color was changed at that time because there would have been no point in trying to change the soundhole decoration, even if the binding were replaced.

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