Lyon & Healy "A" Mandolin

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

It's hard to argue with a well executed classic design. This top-of-the-line Lyon & Healy is just that. Beautiful figured maple, and impeccable workmanship with all the trimmings. It's no where near as flambouyant as the Gibson F-5, but its original price was just about the same. The earlier style "A" had a long scale and symmetrical body points, where this model has the standard short scale (13") and somewhat less "bite" and power because of the lower string tension.

Check out that fabulous scroll headstock, along with the unique tuners. The cap over the tuners and the elevated fingerrest are carved from hard rubber, a material that isn't seen too much in the vintage instruments. Many of these mandolins carried both the Lyon & Healy and
Washburn brands on the paper label inside, while some were labeled "Lyon & Healy Own Make."

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