The FRETS.COM Museum
© Frank Ford, 1999

Every day at Gryphon, we are privileged to see and work on some of the worlds finest fretted instruments. I hope to take the opportunity to photograph and show you some of the things I find personally interesting. I'll keep the descriptions to a minimum and concentrate mostly on presenting some good photographs.

I don't plan to spend a lot of time putting together a display of the world's most expensive guitars, because that's already been done to death in book after book. More, I'd rather show and discuss instruments that have a combination of interesting features, design, history and materials. Among them there will be some valuable collectors items, no doubt.

So, don't be surprised if I leave out some of your favorites. After all, I do have to take the photographs, and that's not always convenient, or even possible. As I go along, I'll add new items as I'm inspired, and as they come into the shop.

These are not instruments I own personally, and, with an occasional temporary exception, they are not instruments that are for sale at Gryphon or anywhere else.

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