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Notice how my right hand holds the tension on the string as I work around the post with my left:

After I've bent the string down, it stays in position as I simply wind it up.

I make sure the successive turns go under, rather than over the string.

Tuned to pitch, I'll cut off the end. I like to cut the string close so I don't puncture my finger later:

The string does not need to loop around the peghead more than about half a turn in order to work smoothly. It is locked firmly in place and will be easy to remove when restringing time comes around again

Here's a fine looking job:

Here's a not-so-fine looking job:

One more turn and the string might just pop off! You can put strings on this way, but it requires many more turns, and the string is a more likely to slip out of tune. This particular string works all right, but I think it looks a bit messy.


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