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At Bryan Galloup's shop in Big Rapids, Michigan
Northwoods Seminar
© Frank Ford, 10/17/00; Photos by FF, 9/16/00

Once again, Dan Erlewine gathered a group together for a short week of instruction, and shmoozing at his the shop of his old pal, Bryan Galloup. Bryan is the dude on the right, below, holding a prototype MacPherson guitar he made in his shop:

That's Dan behind him. Dan is probably the only guy who could mobilize this group of luthiers to get together (without pay) to do four days of instruction in the craft.

Here's Dan, busily engaged in a refretting demonstration:

And here's his famous contraption - the fret jig:

Using this apparatus, he can predict the outcome of a fret job with real precision.

Dan's fixture rotates so he can actually work on the guitar in playing position:

Yasuhiko Iwanade gave us some insights drawn from his years of working for the Fender guitar company and his association with Leo Fender:

Bill Antel presented his methods for hand building replacement necks for electric guitars:

Speaking of necks, here's Phil Jones, passing along some subtleties on Gibson neck construction



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