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Richard and Nancy go to Austin, Texas, the home of
Collings Guitars
© Frank Ford, 11/8/99; Photos by Richard Johnston and Nancy Thomas

Yep, Richard Johnston and Nancy Thomas of Gryphon Stringed Instruments took a trip - without me. But, they brought back a bunch of good photos of one of the most sophisticated guitar building operations in the business! So, let's stroll through the Collings guitar factory with them. There's a special Collings neck reinforcement "secret" on the last page of this little travelogue.

That's Bill Collings on the right, with Nancy and Steve McCreary:

Steve's the guy who keeps the Collings shop running smoothly.

This is the obligatory photo, with Richard (third from right in front) and the entire Collings crew:

Nancy's not in this picture because she was the photographer.

A classic shot:

Its a guitar side mold with linings being clamped in place.

A batch of neck blanks and peghead overlay veneers:

Fingerboards being clamped up:

Some detail shaping of a neck heel:

Trimming and tapering brace ends:

Here's a guitar body in its mold, ready have the back installed:

Collings is known for some of the finest shaded and colored finishes in the business. Here's one secret: lots of spray guns loaded with colors:

With all these spray guns, color adjustments can be made "on the fly."

Steve again, showing off a brace of Armstrong ukuleles:

Steve's a serious fan of our favorite wacko instrument painter,
Robert Armstrong.



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