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Marty Lanham is
The Nashville Guitar Co.
© Frank Ford, 12/29/98; Photos by FF, 12/2/98

Marty Lanham makes his home in a quiet suburban neighborhood of Nashville:

His house is set back from the road behind a croquet-ready front lawn. That building on the left is his shop, the home of the Nashville Guitar Company.

Nashville Guitar Co., P.O.Box 160412, Nashville, TN 37216 (615-262-4891)

It's a pretty small company, really:

It's mostly just Marty.

A quick look around the main shop room reveals a plethora of regular woodworking tools, and instruments in progress:

Marty has a number of workbenches, each set up for the various operations in the building process.

Over on the setup bench, here's a pearl bordered dreadnought:

Marty is building this one for Steve Swan Guitars in Kensington, California.

Steve, if you're reading this, let me tell you this guitar looks GREAT!

The Nashville Guitar Company Logo:

This is the headstock of a 12-fret fingerstyle guitar halfway through the finishing process.

Marty has some really cool unique inlay marquetry, such as this backstrip on a Brazilian rosewood dreadnought:

He couldn't resist showing off his latest "find," a big board of old Brazilian rosewood:

This is some of the most wildly figured Brazilian I've seen. I'd be showing it off, too!



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