Luthier License
Cool Plates
I'm starting a collection of instrument, music, and luthier plates. Send me a photo of an interesting plate, and I'll post it right here in the Gallery of Greats. You can either e-mail a JPEG, or send a clear snapshot via USPS.
I suppose you can guess who belongs to this one. . .
This one, too.
Ken Torke, Sunnyvale, CA
Lance McCollum, Colfax, CA
Dawn McCollum, Colfax, CA
Mitch Landy, Palo Alto, CA
Randy Cordle: "A few years ago I requested this plate, and was told it would be issued to me. A few days later the secretary of state's office called and refused to issue it because it was "crude". I tried to convince them that it was a commonly used term for an accordion, but nothing would change thier mind. I asked for my initials and a number instead, which they aggreed to and I recieved the plate to place on my car. About six months later I recieved a call. . . 'This is the Illinois Secretary of State's office...I'm afraid there's been a terrible mistake! The plate you were issued, RAC 16, is already in use on another vehicle. We would be glad to issue you any other available plate...' When I asked for SQZBOX 2, she said, 'Sure. That would be no problem at all.' The State works in strange and mysterious ways."
Mike Mears, Fairfax Station, VA
Rick Davis, Essex Junction, VT
Joe Snyder,  CA

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