Updated May 30, 2003

Selected Sources
a.k.a. "Some Guys I Like to Get Stuff From"

, 123-321A Gray Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93101 800-922-0977 A very cool catalog!! Don't miss it: thermometers; hygrometers; all kinds of great science guy & industrial guy stuff.

American Safety Razor, Good prices on razor blades - get the box of 5,000 for about 200 bucks & throw Îem away. . .

Bjorn Industries, 551 King Edward Rd. #211, Charlotte, NC 28211 (704) 364-1186 - Eugene Thordahl has been in the glue business since 1958 and has done everything and knows everything about hide glue. He sells various grades at favorable prices!

Chapin Guitars, 1709 Little Orchard Way, Unit D, San Jose, CA 95125. The INSIGHT video camera for spying inside guitars! Contact Bill Chapin at 408-295-6252

Chrislin Trading, 224 Kittery Point, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 707-566-8288 Christie Soong imports high quality bone from China. Great price, and special sizes are no problem. We all love Christie!

Delmar Products, Inc.
400 Christian Lane, PO Box 504, Kensington, CT 06037-9998 860-828-6501 The industrial source for celluloid. Full sheets only (20" x 50") and very limited stock on hand.

Fernandez Music, Box 5153, Irvine, CA 92616. Thick clear self adhesive pickguards or flamenco tap plates (golpeadores).

Gunther Dick
, PO Box 1127, 8354 Metten, Germany Violin knives. Big wish-book of violin maker supplies & tools.

Gougeon Bros., PO Box 908, Bay City, MI 48707 517-684-7286 West System boat building epoxy.
Special additives, e.g. colloidal silica. Get the cans with pumps for measuring, you'll be glad you did.

, 1013 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221 800-535-5563 .
Traditional hardshell cases (wholesale.) Send a paper pattern and they'll make a unique case to fit that special instrument.

R. S. Hughes, 510-562-3348 (30 locations) Adhesives, abrasives, no minimum.
3M product #467: it works to stick pickguards to finished surface. Clamp Îem hard for a minute, and they'll stay down!

Japan Woodworker, 1731 Clement Ave., Alameda, CA 94501 800-537-7820
Japanese laminated steel knives, chisels, planes, razor saws; Lie-Nielsen planes; diamond and water stones.

, 12651 Elmwood Ave., Cleveland, OH 44111 800-321-3170 800-362-1160
Master Quick-Carve high-speed catalyzed filler paste, good for making special "impossible" clamping cauls and ergonomic tool handles.

L.M.I. (Luthier's Mercantile.) PO Box 774, Healdsburg, CA 95448 707 433-1832 800 477-4437 Tools, supplies, and the best selection of woods. McFadden lacquer in small quantities (We all use McFadden for good reasons!)

Lawrence McFadden Co.
, 7430 State Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19136 215-624-6334 #L-3651 Gloss Guitar Lacquer (5 gal. min.)

McMaster-Carr, 562-692-5911, PO Box 54960, Los Angeles, CA 90054 Also Atlanta, Chicago, etc. Their 3000 page catalog is impossible to get! They won't give you one unless you order regularly, but their online catalog is great and easily searchable. These guys have everything. Really!

Micro Surface Finishing Products
, 1217 W. Third St., Wilton, IA 52778 319-732-3240
MicroMesh cushioned abrasive sheets to 12,000 grit. Seems expensive, but lasts so long it's really cheap. Great stuff!

MSC Industrial Supply, 151 Sunnyside Blvd., Plainview, NJ 11803 800-645-7270 Taper pin reamers, files, drill bits, end mills, measuring tools, etc. 3500 page catalog with 231,000 industrial items, 2-day service .

Pete Niederberger
, Box 887, Larkspur, CA 94977 415-924-8403 (5-8 PM Pacific) Old Stanley tool parts specialist. For a great fingerboard sanding block, get the cast iron body only from a Stanley #5 jack plane. Mention me & ask him for a nice flat one - this is an unusual use!

Ohio Travel Bag
, 6481 Davis Industrial Pkwy., Cleveland, OH 44139 440-498-1955 800-800-1941 Case hardware, fittings, tools. Banana peel pop rivets! BIG catalog, with everything.

Product Sign Supplies, 640 Emery St. San Jose 800-540-9199 "Application Tape" (1" to 48" wide! ) & other medium- to very low-tack tape, not too pricey. TransferRite # 6592 (economy) #6798 (higher tack, better paper) Main Tape # 560 (clear plastic)

Rattlesnake Magnets - PO Box 1170, Sedona, AZ 86339. Dale Young has the biggest, strongest Neodymium rare earth magnets at great prices!

Sanding Catalog
, PO Box 3737, Hickory, NC 28603 800-228-0000
"Klingspor" waterproof silicon carbide sanding sheets -- expensive and worth it. High grade belts, too.

, Craftsman diagonal cutters - return 'em for free replacement after they get all nicked up from strings! #928843 Sabre saw blades (or Bosch #101AO) to mount in handle for slotting bridge pin holes.

Shellac.Net, www.shellac.net, Like FRETS.COM, their name is their address. THE place for shellac. More kinds, better prices, what more could you ask?

Stewart/MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply
, Call 800-848-2273 for their catalog of guitar parts, tools, instructional materials. Dan Erlewine's famous video course. Banjo, mandolin, acoustic & electric guitar parts. Home of the famous Waverly gears.