Case Repair
Tightening Martin Case Handles
© Frank Ford, 7/20/99; Photos by FF, 7/18/99

Since they were first introduced, the Martin molded cases (and others as well) have had a tendency to develop loose handle supports. These
post loop supports are screwed rather than riveted, and the screws sometimes back out after a while:

You can't just bend the Styrofoam lining back to get access to the screw head. Instead, you can simply stab a 1/8" blade screwdriver right on through and turn the screw directly:

This works especially well where the insert wall is relatively thinner, near the upper shoulder of the guitar body. The resulting holes appear to "heal" immediately when you withdraw the screwdriver, as the fuzz covers them over.

The screw may be either Phillips or slotted, so it pays to pry the lining back just enough to get a little peek before starting the job.

In the area by the neck, where the Styrofoam insert is too wide, you'll have to mash downward real hard as you twist the screw.

Notice the crease in the lining where I've tightened the upper screw. These little creases aren't objectionable compared to the grief of a loose handle. . .

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