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It's important to tighten the cap so the strap can't work it loose. Mike uses a little trick that he learned from Bill, our electric guitar specialist:

These wire crimping pliers grip the cap right in the strap groove so they don't scratch the plating.

The last job is to screw the battery clip to the neck block inside the guitar. It's a three hand job. One to hold the screwdriver, one to hold the screw, and one to hold the clip in the right place. Only problem is that you can only get one hand inside the guitar.

So Mike uses double-stick tape to hold the clip where he wants it, and glues the screw to the blade of an electric screwdriver:

Then he can reach one hand into the guitar and get the job done right:

A couple of plastic clips to secure the wires, and the installation is done.

Now the fun part - road testing the gear:


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