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Mounting a new
Mandolin Fingerrest
© Frank Ford, 4/9//99; Photos by FF, 4/8//99

Even though Gibson was the pioneer in developing fingerrests, many of their new instruments are made without the traditional celluloid fingerrest.

Here's a new fingerrest I've made for this Gibson-made Flatiron F-5:

For more detail, see the article on
Making Celluloid Fingerrests.

First, I like to line up the approximate location of the mounting pins:

And drill 1/16" holes in the edge of the fingerrest:

The mounting pins are really just small nails with nicks where they'll be glued into the celluloid:

I don't have to be all that precise in drilling the mounting holes, because if they're not perfectly parallel, I just tap the mounting pins to bend and align them:

The pins are held in place with cyanoacrylate.



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