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If I need to produce a little thin strip, say for a saddle shim, I can cut it easily with my knife. I'll get a much cleaner cut and I'll avoid setting up the bandsaw, or other power tool.

All I do is lay my steel rule along the edge in question and draw the knife over the wood with a long, clean stroke.

See how I'm holding the knife:

The idea is to hold it comfortably, and keep it vertical while pressed against the guide:

Chances are that my first cut won't go all the way through. I'll just draw the knife through the same path over and over until the cut severs the strip cleanly. It only takes a few seconds to cut through 3/32" maple.

Here's another one I learned from Abel Garcia:

It's an incredibly simple and easy to use guide for producing identical veneer strips:

Just a piece of hardwood - maple in this case.

I stab the fine point of my knife through at the appropriate location:

And the tool is ready to use:

I simply hold the veneer sheet on a thin work board, with the edge overhanging just a bit, and draw the knife and guide along the edge:



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