A Noble accessory
Dremel Router Base
© Frank Ford, 3/1/98; Photos by FF, 3/1/98

Here's Roy Noble, and he has a treat for us:

Roy frequently drives from southern California to the bimonthly meetings of the Northern California Association of Luthiers. This time the meeting was at Tom Ribbecke's shop in Healdsburg, a right smart drive for Roy. Nonetheless, he brought along an assortment of items from his bag of tricks.

I took a look at this new item and bought one from him on the spot:

It's the slickest and simplest router base I've seen for the classic Dremel tool.

The tool just screws right in and the carriage glides up and down effortlessly:

The two red Frelon bearings are at the heart of this device:

This has to be the only plunge router base with absolutely no "play" at all in the bearings. You don't need to lock the carriage to avoid misalignment.

Roy says this fine tool will be available from

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