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Micro Butane Torch (Hardware stores, etc.)

If you don't have one of these, get one:

This torch is the most useful little fellow. It lights instantly and is always ready to heat shrink tubing,
de-temper tools for bending, solder, heat stick shellac knives and do a host of simple jobs. It's refilled with the same butane refill cannister that is used for cigarette lighters. What really amazes me is how long it runs on a filling!

Small CHEAP Hand Drills (Hardware stores, etc.)

I found this small drill at Radio Shack a few years ago:

It cost about 3 bucks and is very poorly made! BUT it is SO small, that I bought a bunch of them and chucked little drills in to the lousy little brass chucks. To get them tight, I had to use pliers, but what the hey, they are incredibly handy! I never have to change drills and I have an assortment for tuner mounting screws,
banjo 5th spikes, etc.



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