On Temporary Exhibit at Gryphon
Martin Custom Shop Specials

© Frank Ford, 2002; Photos by FF

These guitars have been traveling around as a small sample of the work at Martin's Custom Shop. In May 2002, our local Martin sales rep, Joe McNamara brought them to Gryphon for a one-day exhibition.

Joe (left) and Larry

Larry shows Willie Carter a really teeny inlay piece.

A good crowd turned up for our little show.

Two of the guitars are actually limited editions from the 2002 catalog and one is an unusual painted dreadnought. The remaining three are elaborately inlaid examples of Larry Robinson's artistic abilities. He has recently been commissioned to design and execute the most prestigious of all Martin instruments, their one millionth guitar. With Martin's serial numbers running in the mid 800,000s right now, it won't be all that long before the millionth guitar is completed, so Larry's starting work on the inlay right now. He figures it will require the equivalent of about a year's full time work to do his part in this historic instrument. For more about Larry and his inlay work, please visit his web site:

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