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These Korean banjo pegs are not only ungainly, but rough, and rather prone to breaking:

That's a real problem with inexpensive banjos. In order to pay homage to tradition and cut corners at the same time, the workability of the tuning pegs often suffers.

The maker of this inexpensive banjo skates the issue altogether, simply using inexpensive 12:1 ratio open guitar tuners:

Personally, I like this option better. It allows for very good tuning, and skips the old time artful design. After all, it's the beginner who needs the most help tuning!

The last development in the five string banjo was the elimination of this nasty bit of hardware:

Long after friction pegs became obsolete, five string players had to contend with the imprecise, sticking, slipping friction fifth string peg. Friction fifth pegs are still common on inexpensive banjos.

Now, though, we have a fine alternative, a geared right angle drive peg for the fifth string:

Installing one of these geared pegs is the kindest thing we can do for a beginning five string player!


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