Care and Maintenance

Mandolin Diversity


Strings and Stringing

All About Strap Buttons

Mandolin Restringing

What's Wrong With Cases?

A Beginner's Look at Strings

Taking Care

Playing it

Glue in a Label for Security

.Watch Those Hands, Buster!

Packing for Travel or Shipment

Finishes and Cleaning

Heat Stress - It Kills

An Introduction to Instrument Finishes

 General Information

Advice on Cleaning Your Instrument

Illustrated Glossary

Vinyl is Your ENEMY

Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting and Repair

Playability and Setup

Structural Problems

Checking Action at the Nut

Looking at Cracks

Tune Up Your Gears

Loose Parts Can Rattle and Buzz

Looking at Frets.

Loose Screws? Fix 'em Yourself

A Closer Look at Nuts

The Luthier at Work

Buzz Diagnosis

Raising Nonadjustable Mandolin Bridges

Truss Rod Adjustment

Making a New Nut

Make Your Own Loop End Strings

Fixing Loose Tuner Bushings

Scooping the Fingerboard End

Celluloid Fingerrests for Archtops

Fitting Mandolin Bridges

Quick Fix for a Loose End Pin

Mounting a New Fingerrest

Rebuilding a Collapsed Top


Refretting (F-5)

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